Borewell Compressor Pumps

  • VASANTHAM Borewell Compressor is the first Compressor to get the ISI Spare parts in small scale industries.
  • VASANTHAM spare parts are manufactured with modern high technology.
  • VASANTHAM also manufactures the oil free Air Compressor with best quality materials under most arduous conditions.
  • VASANTHAM Borewell Compressor Pumps to lift the water from maximum depth & discharge of water will be greater output to other compressor.
  • VASANTHAM is a oil leak proof pump. So it discharge clean non-oil water and easy maintainence with less cost
  • VASANTHAM Borewell compresor pump suitable for Agriculture, Domestic & Industrial purpose
  • Columns (s) gives level of water at working condition.
  • Water outflow through delivery pipe will be pulsated and not continuous.
  • The discharge of water will greatly depend on the yield of the bore.