Our Edge - Infrastructure

Strength lies in its dedicated personnel, teamwork and well equipped manufacturing facilities.

Melting is done in Divided Blast Cupola Furnace. Hot metal is analyzed before tapping, which ensures quality metal and, temperature is measured and controlled.

Moulding wherein sand is conditioned in a high speed Intensive Mix Muller and moulds are made with Simultaneous Jolt Squeeze moulding machines and closed with a mould-closing unit. CO² Cores and Oil Cores ensure right quality.

Fettling is done using hanger type Shot Blasting Machine, Pedestal and Swing Frame Grinders and Die Grinders.


2 Ton per hour in Divided Blast Cupola Furnace

Semi-Automatic Moulding Machine

2 Ton per hour in Sand Siever

300 kgs. Intensive Mix Muller

100 kgs. Core Sand Muller

250 kgs. Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine

20.0 HP Air Compressor Reciprocating type with 500 lt Tank

62.5 KVA Generator